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Produce Bags

Produce bags are unlike other bags in the grocery store, as they are for the most part, self-service.

They must be stationed in several areas of the produce department and must be able to accomodate both the size of a Bok Choy and the weight of a dozen oranges, all the while maintaining minimal bulk as to not take up too much space on the floor or in the storage room.

Whether LDPE or HDPE, on a roll or on a header, produce bags made by Duratech Group are designed with those key points in mind.

Easy tearing, easy opening, strong bags provide your customers with a hassle-free trip to the produce section of your store. While they may not notice bags that perform well in all of those areas, they will definitely notice the bags that do not!

Stock printed with the “5 A Day For Better Health” food pyramid logo or “Fresh Produce,” custom printed with your store logo, or no logo at all, our bags outperform...and at a cost that is sure to meet even the most modest of budgets.


Item#: PE40036

Description: U Bag It, 10"x15", Warning Only, 10 mic., 1120/roll, 4 rolls/cs

Color: Natural HDPE

Case Pack: 4,480 Bags

UPC Code: 609111 400367

Case Cube: 0.64

Approx. Gross Weight: 19lbs


Item#: PE40026

Description: U Bag It, 12"x20", Warning Only, 10 mic., 700/roll, 4 rolls/cs

Color: Natural HDPE

Case Pack: 2,800 Bags

UPC Code: 609111 400268

Case Cube: 0.74

Approx. Gross Weight: 19lbs


Item#: PE40027

Description: U Bag It, 18"x24", Garden Fresh, 10 mic., 750/roll, 4 rolls/cs

Color: Natural HDPE

Case Pack: 3,000 Bags

UPC Code: 609111 400275

Case Cube: 1.22

Approx. Gross Weight: 35lbs


Item#: PE40001

Description: BAG N GO Dispenser Produce Bag, 15"wide x 20"long, Star Sealed, 8 mic., 750 bags/roll, 4 rolls/cs

Color: Natural HDPE

Case Pack: 3,000 Bags

UPC Code: 609111 400015

Case Cube: 0.65

Approx. Gross Weight: 19lbs


Item#: FE40051

Description: 12' Produce Rack

Color: Silver

Case Pack: 5 pieces

UPC Code: 609111 40051

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