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Eurotote (Ropehandle) Bags

If you’re looking to impress your customers, you’ve made the right choice with a Eurotote, or Rope Handle Bag, by Duratech Group.

Cardboard reinforced edges, triple woven and sealed rope handles, metal grommets, cardboard bottom inserts, and hand-tied knots make this the ultimate in luxury packaging. Your customers are sure to appreciate these bags!

They are designed to match the high quality of the items they carry.

Surprisingly versatile, Eurototes by Duratech Group are used for everything from high-end spa items to gourmet cakes, expensive jewelry to clothing and shoes.

Prices are less than you may think, and great reactions will be more than you may expect!
Plastic or paper, standard or laminated, glossy or matte, tiny or grande, Eurototes by Duratech Group are virtually limitless when it comes to design possibilities.